Transgender Schools Directive Pledge

The Montana Family Foundation distributed the following pledge to candidates around the state and invited them to commit to defending Montana’s local control of our schools against the federal government’s transgender schools directive.

Whereas the federal government recently issued a Transgender Schools Directive requiring that students born male be allowed to use girls’ locker rooms, showers, and hotel rooms on overnight trips and

Whereas under the Transgender Schools Directive, boys who identify as girls will play on sports teams with girls, despite the boys’ possible advantage in height, weight and strength, leading 67% of Montanans to agree this has the potential to invalidate Title Nine protection for girls, and

Whereas 62 % of Montana’s voters oppose the directive and less than 30% support it before even hearing the arguments and

Whereas after hearing arguments from both sides, 69% oppose the Transgender Schools Directive and only 24% support it and

Whereas 68% of Montanans believe that the federal government is using this to push its own agenda and violate Montana’s right to local control of our schools,

I pledge to do everything within my power as an elected official to stop the federal Transgender Schools Directive and block its implementation in Montana.

A downloadable copy of the pledge that candidates can sign and return can be found by clicking here.